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Top fluffy facts your should know about Bichon Fries

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Although small and fluffy, Bichon Fries have a big heart and awesome personality. They tend to be very playful and active just like a small child who has learnt to walk. They tend to be very curious about things and keep exploring while enjoying life. Let’s understand what’s hidden inside that fluffy white body.

The name has a French pronunciation:

As stated by the AKC (American Kennel Club), the right pronunciation for the name is “Bee-Shon Free-zay”.

Bichon’s are of various kinds:

Bichon has been said to have originated from the Mediterranean area with the water spaniel as its ancestor. The name bichon translates to lap dog in the French language. There was a further division of the breed which led to four separate types known as Bichon Maltese, Bichon Havanese, Bichon Bolognese, and Bichon Tenerife. Here, each name refers to the region they were bred in. The Tenerife variety was eventually named as Bichon Frise which means curly when translated into French.

They were taken overseas by the sailors:

These companion dogs were used for bartering by the sellers. Slowly and steadily, this breed found itself in the terrains of Spaniards from where they were re-introduced to Europe by the sellers close to the 1300s. With a tiny size, this breed automatically became a hit among the Italians who gave them a hairstyle that resembled the lion.

They only sport the white colour:

Bichon is only white with an occasional buff, apricot or cream colour near the ears. Their eyes and nose are black.

They love being pampered:

Bichon Frise might not be the most loved breed among the pet lovers, but yes they do love pampering now and then. With a coat so thick, they require regular cleaning and timely brushing to avoid any knots.


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