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Leg amputated by train, he still wags his tail

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Loud cries of a poor dog echoed the railway tracks that attracted the rescuers to find out the cause behind those whimpers. After few minutes of following the source of the sound, the rescuers came across a desperate dog in search of help whose right leg was badly amputated by a train. The dog had dragged himself too far into the tracks in search of help. He couldn’t understand the pain he was suffering from and was puzzled with the torment.

At first, he tried to flee upon seeing the rescuers coming towards him with a fear that they might hit him or hurt him. But after numerous trials, he finally understood that they were there for help. After eating the first bite of food given to him, he started wagging his tail with happiness despite the obvious pain. Her right leg was completely cut off with muscles and nerves hanging out. The initial dressing was completed during the journey from the railway track to shelter home to ensure the leg doesn’t get infected.

He had lost a lot of blood with flesh destroyed and bones are protruding. The doctor had to wait few weeks for the dog to regain back his strength to amputate the leg in a proper form and help him heal. Finally, after hours of surgery, his leg wounds were properly closed to ensure no infection occurs during the healing process. He needed a lot of love and proper nursing to get back to normal, and his rescuers gave him both humongous magnitude.

Today she walks with three legs but is as powerful and as fast as any other dog. She plays; she runs and does everything a normal dog would do, without worrying about losing a leg in the past. She is still a happy tail wagger.

Dogs Love Us More