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Know how this dog survived without a face

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On a bright Monday morning, a team of rescuers found a hopeless dog deep inside a hole with the entire face eaten by maggots. The dog had entered the hole in hope to die and be free from the pain. Carefully one of the team members entered the hole and picked the poor soul to look at the degree of infection. The wound was probably worst with the entire face including nose and eyes eaten by maggots thriving in the pulpy flesh of the poor soul.

At first, euthanasia seemed to be the best way out for the poor baby to get rid of the pain. But there was something in him that motivated the rescuers to try at least once and save him. His spirit was that of a fighter, and even when he was fighting through the pain, he didn’t forget to wag his tail with all the love he was being showered by. The powder was applied to the wound to kill all the maggots eating his face. After cleaning the wound, it was bandaged for proper recovery.

Death of the maggots

After an hour or so of applying the powder, the maggots had died, and now it was time to remove all the infected skin from the face which was done by sedating the suffering soul. A major faction of his skull was exposed from the wound with eyes nowhere to be seen. After 3rd of the rescue, he managed enough strength to eat something. With slow healing, the rescuers found that he had managed to save his left eye. After an intensive three months long medical treatment, the fighting spirit of the pooch managed to heal the face, and now he is the happiest dog one ever.

Dogs Love Us More