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Is a Great Dane the right pet for you?

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Owning a Great Dane is not meant for everyone who wants to get one. Often, people get attracted to this breed due to its giant size, but it is also the main reason why people later try to get rid of the dog. You see, falling in love with this dog breed within hours of getting it home is easy, but then slowly and gradually you will have to start to put up with several things related to this dog.

Amongst the numerous things that you need to consider before getting a Great Dane is can you put up with:

The constant shedding?

Yes, Great Danes have great short coats, but they shed their hair which means there will be a mess they can leave behind on the floor, beds that will require a while to clean up. So it is highly recommended that if you plan on getting a Great Dane then try and confine the giant friend to the floor, where a vacuum cleaner and help you clean the mess.

The drooling?

Some Great Danes tend to drool when excited or when there is food around. So if you plan on getting one then avoid giving them tidbits off your plate and maintain a damp cloth handy to clean the slobber while it is still wet.

A pet dog which will constantly want to stay by your side?

Great Danes are great companions and love to stick to their owners all the time, which means following you from one room to another. So if you plan on getting one, then be ready for a constant partner.

A dog that will look after you and give you the confidence when you take a walk at daytime or night?

You will never feel afraid of anyone with ill intentions approaching you when you are walking your Great Dane as they are good are good at judging a person’s intention and will stand between you and them when necessary.

There is nothing cuter than a Great Dane puppy, but it will soon grow up and become your giant friend. So consider these factors before getting a Great Dane.

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