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Heroic Pit Bull Saves Her Family from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

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Pit Bulls are amazing family dogs. They have great instincts when it comes to the protection of their loved ones. Ruby is one such heroic Pit Bull who saved the lives of her owners.

Ruby’s Strange Behavior

Ronene Ando and Christopher Hall, Ruby’s owners had recently set up a propane heater in their home in Lake View, New York. Ruby who isn’t much of a barker had started barking and whining on the evening of January 19th. Her strange behavior caught the attention of her family.

Ruby’s instincts saved her family from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning…

Ronene said, “Typically she only barks for one reason, and that’s if someone is at the door.” Ruby continued to behave this way for close to an hour. This lead the couple to check on things. As a result, they noticed the smell of propane gas coming from the garage. Ruby had noticed the scent and acted quickly to alert her family. Her efforts saved them before carbon monoxide poisoning took effect.

Ronene has further said, “Thanks to Ruby, everyone’s okay. [Pit bulls are] very protective of their owners.” Ruby does not have rescue training. Her heroic act had everything to do with her natural instinct to protect. Above all, Ronene who is a Pit Bull advocate wants the world to know how the public image on Pit Bulls is very unreasonable and unfair. “They are very protective,” she says. “They are really amazing dogs if they are trained well and kept active.”

Much Deserved Rewards!

Ronene went on to say that Ruby got a great reward her heroism. “She had a venison roast and I took her to McDonald’s for an ice cream cone.”

Pit Bulls are amazing companions and family dogs. They do need commitment from their owners as they require a lot of love as well as exercise. There is a lot of negativity around Pit Bulls as people wrongly think that they are vicious. What most people don’t realize is that Pit Bulls are often abused and mistreated under various circumstances. Furthermore, 77% of canine abuse cases in the United States involve Pit Bulls. The story of Ruby the heroic Pit Bull is one of many stories that prove Pit Bulls are amazing dogs.

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Dogs Love Us More