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Give required training to your boxer dog to have a good control over it

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Boxer dogs are large sized dog breed and are very strong dogs. That’s why they are not so easy to handle and can be very dominating. So, you must start the training while your boxer still a puppy. Once they grow younger, they will not follow your order and will do things as they want.

If you have a boxer puppy, remember to start its training with firm training techniques. While giving training, maintain the consistency of the training. Don’t punish the puppy, prefer to give some treats to make the puppy comfortable.

The need for training for boxer puppy

Boxers carry different characteristics, and you need to understand that while providing training.

  • A Boxer can act very hyperactive. Adult untrained boxers are very difficult to handle and will not settle down easily. Don’t underestimate the intelligence level of a boxer dog.
  • They are smart dog breeds and can be very stubborn. Spend some more times with your puppy so that, it can understand your role. If you left alone your puppy for a long time, the boxer can become destructive. But with training, you can erase boxer’s aggressive nature.
  • Just like other dogs, boxers will always want to please you. The real training work depends on you. If you can praise them more, your boxer will start to follow your commands.
  • Boxers need your attention, and it’s your responsibility to offer them accurate care and training.
  • They are intelligent and if you can gain the trust, they can carry out the task easily and will respond to your command immediately.
  • As they have a dominating nature, you need to act like a strong leader while training them.

Boxers are guard dogs, but inside they have a naughty childish nature. If you can’t train them, they will use their strength in wrong ways. If you boxer puppy is six weeks old, then it is the perfect time to start the training.



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