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Give a perfect grooming to your Chow Chow puppy to keep the coat shiny

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Different dogs need different grooming methods. They all have different coats and based on their coats you need to choose a perfect grooming technique. Well, if you have a chow chow, then you must have to be very careful about their grooming to offer them a beautiful appearance.

Things to consider to give best grooming to your Chow Chow puppy

  • Chow chow dogs look very fluffy due to the hair. That make your dog to look beautiful and attractive. To maintain that quality, you can consider the following tips.
  • First, decide what kind of tools will be the best for your dog. You need to choose the best comb style for thick hairy dog like chow chow. You can prefer to use a medium-sized steel comb or a fine-toothed comb for chow chow puppy. Make sure that you have a slicker and a blow dryer. To give it a shiny look, you need to choose the best shampoos, and hair sprays.
  • Now comes grooming place. You can use a table for your comfort. While giving a bath to your chow chow puppy, remember to carefully remove the dirt from its coat.
  • ake sure that you have rinsed all the soap and shampoo from the dog’s body. Otherwise it will irritate the dog and can affect the skin negatively. After bath dry the fur using blow-dryer. Lay down the dog on top of his side on a table and use the blow-dryer carefully.
  • After that use the pin brush for combing the hair. It will help in removing dead fur. Your next target will be the paws and nails of the puppy.

While being cleaned, chow chow can stay calm. You can offer the puppy some treats to obey your order while grooming.

Dogs Love Us More