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French mastiff – The real sweethearts

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French mastiff though looks like a frightening mass of wrinkles and salivating jowls, but owners describe them as the real sweethearts of their families. But, that does not indicate that they’re pushovers. Rather, they are genuine and loyal to their owners and can protect them in any situation.

They always do their best and make the environment lively with their presence and sounds. French mastiff often depends on nature and their breed is quite calm. And this is a quality you are searching for in a powerful canine. Sometimes they can be intimidating, but that perfectly depends on the circumstances.

Funny facts about French mastiff

French mastiffs are considered as an excellent companion, and they are deeply devoted to their families. They are calm, lovable, affectionate, steady and docile. Owners can relax peacefully when they have French mastiffs in their home. They guard the family with courage and are protective as well.

Apart from the cool attitude and soothing temperament, somewhere stubbornness also exists. Moreover, French mastiffs possess the tendency to dominate on other as they have more self-confidence. So, it is better to teach them at an early age, so that they will not adopt the quality of being arrogant and angry.

The best part about this breed is, they are very good in performing sports. Though they are moderately active, they have the willingness to learn things quickly and have the eagerness to perform somewhere to show their talent and creativity. So, they are very good in cart-pulling, therapy works and obedience as well.

French mastiffs are strong in both the aspects, physically as well as mentally. They have the perfect mix of brawn and brain. They are one of the rarest and biggest dog breeds on the planet, which has the most intelligent hounds.

Dogs Love Us More