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Crocodile eats a terrier after owner lets it taunt the reptile for years

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Saltwater crocodiles are vicious and unremorseful predators. And you’d expect someone who cares for them to know it better than most. Yet, recently, a video became viral – in the video, a saltwater crocodile eats a terrier dog that had been allowed to bark at and taunt the croc for a decade.

The accident happened in Australia, at Goat Island Lodge, in the middle of the crocodile-infested Adelaide River. As Kai Hansen was feeding the crocodile Casey in front of tourists, his terrier Pippa did what she loved doing – taunting the croc.

Apparently, Pippa had been doing this for years.  Also known as “Dumb Blonde”, the ABC covered her exploits last year. Despite her weighing just 6 or 7 kilos, and the croc weighting approx. 300 kilos, the brave “Dumb Blonde” had been playing this dance for about a decade. Only this time, Casey the croc “did what crocs do”.

As Mr. Hansen conceded, “it was something that had a high probability of happening sometime”.

Mr. Hansen came to the island 15 years ago to escape city life. Since then, he’s been constantly living amongst an innumerable amount of dogs, birds, and crocodiles. You’d think that he’d know better than anyone not to let a miniature dog play with a hungry saltwater crocodile.

“You will see things that you do not believe possible,” Mr. Hanson had told reporters as Pippa ran at the croc in 2017.

Source: ABC News

Take my word for it.

“It is unbelievable, this little 6-, 7-kilo dog attacks a 300-kilo crocodile.”

This time, however, Mr. Hansen told ABV that he was “really sad“. He also said that he hasn‘t watched the viral video of Pippa’s death.

Still, he didn’t blame Casey the croc.

“She’s not doing something wrong, she’s just doing what crocs do,” he said,

“In the early days she actually had a go at me a couple of times. These days I just throw food out from up the top and no-one is allowed to walk down there.”

It’s safe to say that pretty much no one else is blaming the crocodile either. In fact, people online have lashed out at Mr. Hansen. A lot of them are blaming him for Pippa‘s death.

Yet, he insists that barking at the croc was simply a part of the dog’s nature. He compared it to his childhood dog barking at cars.

“A little terrier should not do things like that. But should I stop her? I don’t know, she got away with it for 10 years,” he said.

Nevertheless, Mr. Hansen said he would get a new dog, but would “definitely” not let it chase the crocodiles.

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