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Covered with tar this street dog was rescued just in time

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Post the construction of a road, a pooch was seen covered from head to toe in tar. She looked closed to death and the people who saw her didn’t fathom the fact that she can actually survive. She was trying to breathe with all her might but was terrified and fixed with no motion. Her body was glued along with the metal barrel carrying the tar but she was a fighter who waited for her angels to rescue her.

With a metal cutter, the barrel was broken into two parts. Her body had sunk deep inside the hot molten tar which didn’t give the rescuers a chance to take her out but they didn’t give up. The only way to take the poor dog out from her pain was to use vegetable oil in order to soften up the hold of the solid tar which was as hard as a rock. Slowly and steadily her rescuers were able to remove the head from the tar’s hold and she could now move enough to take a sip of water and quench her thirst after days of being stuck.

It took hours of work with the oil to remove the dog from the barrel and give her a chance to breathe the air outside. Her burnt skin could be seen all over the body but yet the work wasn’t over. She was out from the barrel but with a thick coating of tar all over her. After a long effort of 7 hours of careful removal, she could finally stand on her feet. Weeks of proper nourishment and timely medication brought back the lost smile on her face and once again she is all jumpy and jolly like she used to be.

Dogs Love Us More