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Can dogs feel or give love? Know how!

Dogs Love Us More

Dogs flaunt a well-acclaimed repute of being a loyal as well as loving companion who also tends to be human’s best friend. They often communicate their feelings, desires, and emotions via subtle body movements that change with the type of requirement. However, scientists often debate about whether or not any dogs feel or communicates love to his/her owner or are it just reaction to the basic requirements such as food. We often see dogs showing love to other dogs by snuggling or licking the body but what indicates their love for humans. Let’s know how dogs tend to show love to their human owners.

Wagging Tail:

Even from a far-off distance if you see your pooch wagging his tail after seeing you, you can be assured that he loves you a lot. In dogs, wagging tails is asking for attention and love. They want you to come close and love them with a pat on the head or a strong hug. It is a signal to reduce the distance and shower some love.


Licking the owner’s face is another obvious sign of love from the dog’s end. If your dog tends to slurp your hand or aims to smooch your face or eyes, you can be assured that your canine is declaring that it loves you with all his heart. It is often a submission gesture that can also be used as a greeting or often used by the pooch to say sorry for his acts that might have made you upset.


Dogs tend to leap over people they love. This is their way to show that they trust you and they aim for your face to lick it as they leap.

Roll Over:

A rollover trick is another way to know that your dog trusts you as he puts out his tummy for you to rub. Lying in this position represents love and surrender with a proposal to start a new friendship.


Dogs Love Us More