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Back from death: The survival story of dog covered in flies

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It is a normal tendency for flies to accumulate around dead bodies or things that stink of death. A similar scenario was seen covering a dog that looked like it was dead. Flies have been hovering over his body for days. But suddenly a small movement was seen in the dog’s body that made the rescuers aware of the fact that it was pretty much alive. His heart was still beating faintly.

He was unable to move lying unconscious near the road. He had a dangerously low body temperature that required IV fluid to be given on a continuous basis. As the rescuers picked up his body, his body was too light, and it was like lifting a dead body. With lots of blankets, the rescuers tried to warm his body. After an hour of IV fluids, he finally managed to open his eyes and look around to see the rescuers. He was a determined spirit who wanted to live.

His passion to survive was so strong that he tried to stand on his own the very same day, but his poor health didn’t allow him the same.

He was diagnosed with a severe infection in the respiratory system. During the two months of his monitoring and treatment, his condition would show improvement at times with a rapid decline in the other. But his dedication to living and survive helped him regain back his strength and heal his infection rapidly.

With the best quality food and proper medication with lots of love the dog who was close to the brim of death is now running around with a happily wagging tail. From a pale, unconscious pooch to the one you see today, the survival of this dog was a remarkable journey that had a lot of moments with uncertainty, but he survived with the help of his selfless rescuers.

Look at him happily playing with his rescuers!

Dogs Love Us More