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Australian senior dog protects a 3-year-old child despite being deaf and partly blind

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Old dogs are mostly sent away to shelter homes or euthanized. Humans don’t want to be concerned with the hectic chores of taking care of an old pooch. However, a recent incident in Queensland of Australia proved that even after being deaf and partially blind, dogs stay loyal to their owners and family forever and more.

A blue heeler breed, aged 17 went after his 3-year-old human named Aurora as she wandered away from home towards the rugged bushland. Max was ever-determined to make sure that anyone or any wild animal don’t hurt her. The area surrounding their house wasn’t a hospitable area to be out for a walk. However, the child had walked quite a distance.

More than 100 SES (State Emergency Service) volunteers along with police and neighbors set out to find Aurora.

With hours of searching, the girl was finally found by Leisa Bennett, grandmother of Aurora. This happened when she saw Max pacing rapidly along the trails in search of help to take Aurora back to the house. Upon seeing a familiar face, Max guided her grandmother towards the place where Aurora wandered off. The reunion between the family and lost child was filled with tears. Max was an angel for the family who saved a life and stayed loyal to her human child.

The incident could have turned out in a rather negative way, but Max ensured that Aurora was safe and sound the entire time. Apart from some minor cuts here and there from walking through the trails, Aurora is fit as a horse given the unfavorable terrains.

Max was declared a heroic honorary dog by the Queensland Police Authorities. Once again dogs proved that they understand love, loyalty, and responsibility towards their family regardless of the age.

Dogs Love Us More