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DC Firefighters save a dog and a cat from a basement fire

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D.C. Fire and Rescue responded to fire alert this Sunday morning. They arrived at the scene of a basement fire and they had to save lives, only not just human lives this time. In the fire, the DC firefighters also saved a dog and a cat.

It was around 8 a.m. on June 10 in the 500 block of 23rd Place Northeast. In the basement, the firefighters found two cats and one dog. All people had been safely accounted for at this time, and the three animals were the only living souls left in the two-story middle row dwelling. The firefighters didn’t give up on them, however, and got them out of the building.

They used oxygen masks that are specifically designed for animals. With them and with expertly done first aid, the firefighters tried to save the animals.

Fortunately, they managed to revive the dog, Sheeba, as well as one of the cats, called Mousie.

However, the second cat couldn’t make it.

Sheeba was shortly returned to her owners where she continues her recovering, while Mousie is currently in the care of Humane Rescue for further health assistance. She’s expected to be ok.

Source: DC Fire and EMS’s Twitter

The officials kept the public informed about everything that was going on via their Twitter account.

“Update Working Fire 500 block 23rd http://Pl.NE . Basement fire under control. All residents accounted for. #DCsBravest rescued a dog and cat and working to revive them.”

“Update on Working Fire animal rescues 500 block 23rd Place NE. Both animals have been revived and will be assisted by @HumaneRescue. Sadly. A 2nd cat has expired. We used oxygen masks specifically designed for animals.”

““Sheeba”, seen here being cradled by one of our trainee firefighter/paramedics who helped revive her, is back in the hands of its owner. “Mousie” the cat taken by @HumaneRescue to animal hospital for further treatment.”

Dogs Love Us More