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BullDogs and all you need to know about their health

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Bulldogs are also known as the national dogs of England. Initially, they were treated as a fighting dog, but now they are famous as one of the best guard dogs. Bulldogs are powerful animals, and they know about their strength and never hesitate to use that when required. But, don’t make any negative image about these dogs as they love to play with children and can be the best companion of yours if you can train them properly. Well, if you have a bulldog in your house, you must know about some common health issues in them and how to prevent those health issues to keep your dog healthy.

Health issues in bulldogs and their prevention

Generally, all the bull dog’s muzzle is shaped very delicately, and they cannot breathe properly. So, keep in mind that, never force your bulldog for heavy exercise. For bulldog puppies, you need to give an extra care in hot and muggy climates. A small amount of walk is enough for them.

  • Bulldogs are lazy and can gain weight easily. You need to keep your bulldog busy to stay him active. Let the dog play with children and take your bulldog for a morning walk regularly.
  • As they love fighting, it will better for you to keep your bulldog on the leash when taking outside for a walk. They don’t need any special grooming procedures. Normal brushing will be enough for them.
  • Like other dogs, bulldogs are also get easily affected by the canine distemper. It can happen at any age. So make sure that you are giving your bulldog proper vaccinations.
  • They can suffer from fever, diarrhea, inflamed mucous membrane, and tracheobronchitis like a disease. Only through proper diet and vaccination, you can prevent these.

All you need is to give proper care, nutrition, and immunization to your bulldog to reduce health issues.





Dogs Love Us More