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Do you want to fall in love again? Let’s go with the cool facts about Afghan hounds

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Have you ever heard about Afghan hounds? If not, then Google it now. They are the most magnificent, royal and independent breed of dog than ever before. When you want to fall in love, then three things attract you the most- look, interests, and temperament. If you are a dog lover and want to fall in love again, then Afghan hounds would be the best option. They have the best qualities to grab your attention and exactly know what you want.

With their beautiful eyes and large feet, silky hairs and flowing coat, topknot and elegance, they change the climate and shower love and only love in someone’s heart. Under all these beauties, there lies a powerful hound, which can sustain for long hours on the hunt. So, Afghan hounds have both, beauty and brain. Afghan hounds just need regular maintenance like grooming, frequent baths as well as brushing.

Training is a bit challenging

Though they are intelligent and smart enough to grab things quickly, still they need the positive environment and independent atmosphere to learn their hunting styles and didn’t bother for a silly companion. They can love you unconditionally, can play with you like kids, could make you emotional with their genuine activities and apart from this, they are humorous, regal and even aloof.

Afghan hounds are regarded as cultural icons

Since years, they have been famous for their regal beauty and represented the culture from where they are basically from. Their paintings were sold almost $11million in the year 2012. And if you feel that they are just more than a showpiece, then they can amaze you as well as will reward you by being loving, sweet and highly entertaining as well. They hold the charm of the families and enjoy their time to the fullest.

Dogs Love Us More