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Cockapoo Puppies Dumped by Breeder

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Dogs and puppies get dumped on the streets every day, but it’s even more disheartening when it’s done by professional dog breeders. And that’s exactly what seems to have happened, as 3 cockapoo puppies were casually dumped for having a treatable skin disease. The disease is sarcoptic mange and it is highly contagious, which is likely why the dogs were dumped.

Thankfully, the 3 pups were found by a concerned member of the public before it was too late. The citizen kept the puppies safe in his garden, while waiting for the RSPCA to come and take them into care.

After a week of intensive care, the animal charity released an adorable video of the 3 pups feeding and wagging their tails, while recovering from the highly contagious infection.

Sarcoptic mange is also known as canine scabies and is caused by mites that burrow in the dogs’ skin. The mites cause very strong irritations and cause the animals to scratch and bite for relief that they can’t achieve. Instead, they only ruing their skin and coat.

The 3 pups were aged around 9 weeks and the RSPCA believes that they were abandoned because their condition had made them “unsellable”. It’s also likely that the potential breeder didn’t want his or her other dogs to get diseased as well.

RSPCA Inspector Kris Walker said: “As well as being very scared, these poor puppies were in a terrible physical state.

“They were thin and had extensive hair loss and scabby, reddened and sore skin. Tests have revealed they have sarcoptic mange.

“It seems very likely that they were dumped and that this was the reason why.”

Olive, Emmy and Gus.
Source: the RSPCA

Currently, the 3 cockapoos are still receiving care at the RSPCA Doncaster, Rotherham & District branch animal center. The biscuit-colored Olive, the black & white Emmy and the all-black Gus are getting better every day.

The RSPCA has are currently investigating the exact circumstances around the dogs’ abandonment.

Inspector Walker said: “It’s an absolute joy to see them already looking so much better, running around and playing with each other, and generally behaving like puppies should.

“There is a long way to go before they will be ready for adoption, but the animal centre has already taken a number of calls from people interested in giving them a forever home so the future is definitely looking bright for them.”

If you think that you may have any useful information regarding the previous owner of the puppies and you want to help the RSPCA investigation, you can call the organization’s confidential appeals like on 0300 123 8018.

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