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Tips to get your dog and cat to stay together

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Since the beginning of time, dogs have been the arch-enemies of cats, and they are hardly seen living together. However, there have been exceptions when these two come together and live a happy life together as best friends. If you love all animals, you might have thought of bringing in a cat into your house even with a dog already present in your home. You can successfully introduce friendship among these two by following the tips given below.

Raise them together since childhood:

Puppies or kittens do not have any experience that can make them feel like the other is their enemy. Make sure you raise both of them together like siblings to let them ease in as friends despite the fact that they belong to different species. As they grow up together, they usually form a bond that lasts a lifetime.

Make sure you trim the claws regularly:

Even as they are playful, your cat or dog could harm each other with their claws or paw nails. Make sure you ensure that they are trimmed on a regular basis, so they don’t hurt each other even as they play or fight.

Train them together:

Training your feline and canine together can be a great bonding exercise given the fact that they work together to learn something new that comes with secret treats. Start from a very early age. The earlier, the better it is for your pets to understand the essence of obedience.

Create separate homes for both:

Despite the fact that both your cat and dog live in the same house, they need to have the private space that allows them to relax properly without being disturbed. Lack of space or invasion of privacy can irritate your pet, and this happens mostly in the case of a cat. Cats tend to be less socializing as compared to dogs which make it essential to provide them good space now and then.

Dogs Love Us More