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Saint Bernard- A Perfect Breed for Family

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St. Bernard dog was used to detect helpless-travelers during snow storms, and it is believed that the breed has originally come from Switzerland. They are a great family dog and very friendly. St. Bernard is well known for his nature, intelligence, affection and true loyalty.

The personality of Saint Bernard

These dogs are very loving and will love to stay with you all the time. If you train them properly, they can act very protective toward you and can protect your family member if they found them in danger. AS they are very gentle and can tolerate children’s behavior, this dog can be a perfect choice for you if you have small children. They have incredible understanding knowledge. Unlike other dog breeds, St. Bernard can be trained with other dog breeds as they are not so aggressive.

St. Bernard feel happy when they feel you are giving him more attention. But, sometimes St. Bernard can act aggressively if they feel that you are now giving him required love and attention. So, remember to give your dog proper training as early as possible.

Characteristics of St. Bernard

  • The strength of St. Bernard:

These dogs are very muscular and powerful. To keep them under your control, train the dog as a puppy. Well, they don’t pose any threat. If you want a dog having great stamina and agility, you can choose this dog.

  • Smartness:

St. Bernard is one of the most intelligent dog breeds and popular for its temperament quality and flexibility. They behave well with strangers, small children, and other pets. They are not territorial dogs.

  • A cold dog breed:

St. Bernard never behave aggressively, and they work well in cold weather. They may not work properly in warmer climates.

So, keep in mind following things while choosing a St. Bernard for home. Just make sure you have plenty of space for your dog.



Dogs Love Us More