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Greyhound: The Couch Potato (Characteristics)

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The Greyhound is effectively nicknamed as “40-mph-couch potato” given the fact that they can reach a speed of 40mph and at the same time fit inside a lovely sofa with proper cushions. The long exterior body with a soft heart inside is what defines these precious and affectionate dogs. They can adjust to any lifestyle with ease, be it a suburb or countryside.

Here are some of the characteristics of the Greyhound.

  • Greyhound tends to be a dog which is easy to take care of. Their smooth coat has numerous colour varieties as well as patterns. They do shed at times, but their needs for grooming are minimal. A quick brushing every week or so is enough to keep him on fleek.
  • Most of the Greyhounds have some or the other time been a race dog that was specifically bred for various animal races organized across the globe.
  • Regardless of the size, they are one of the most affectionate and gentle dogs which often show the tendency of being calm and quiet with minimal barking at strangers.
  • Greyhound has been tagged as one of the fastest dog breeds with a speed that can even reach up to 44 mph. On an average, a greyhound can run as fast as 40mph.
  • Their attitude to rest at soft spots has bagged them the nickname “couch potato”.
  • Greyhounds tend to be good housemates that believe in keeping their surroundings clean. However, they are not good at obedience or formal training for discipline.
  • Greyhounds tend to bloat a lot given the fact that they do not have a lot of fat content in the body. Apart from this, they tend to be a healthy dog in general.
  • Young aged puppies of Greyhound require a lot of exercises that should be provided to them in a place that is safe and secure.
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