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Dog recovering after being attacked by hawk in backyard

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A dog from East Freetown, Massachusetts is on her way to recovery after being attacked by a hawk in her own backyard!

Daisy is a 10-year-old Bichon fries and she was just minding her doggy business last Monday afternoon in her fenced backyard in East Freeport. That’s when a wild hawk appeared out of nowhere and tried to grab and kill her. The dog survived by a miracle but has been a long few days for Daisy and her owner – Susan Nascimeno.

“She was just covered in blood her chest, back, butt, everything was covered in blood couldn’t even see where she was bleeding from,” said Nascimento.

Nascimeno says that her neighbors have also had problems with hawks these past few years.

“She had two claw marks on one side the other side they figured when the hawk picked her up found out she was too heavy dropped her and ripped the whole side skin off her,” said Nascimento.

Daisy had to be taken to the animal hospital in Rhode Island for surgery. She had several pretty severe puncture wounds and a broken leg.

Source: Susan Nascimeno

“Wild animals can do a lot of damage, especially if they’re hungry, small dogs or cats, can be injured or killed,” said Dr. Russell White, Surgical Resident, Ocean State Veterinary Specialists.

Dr. White has been taking care of Daisy and thanks to his tireless efforts, the dog will recover. The doctor also has some words of advice to pet owners, regarding hawks and other wild animals.

“It’s really important for those smaller animals, especially when they go outside make sure they’re staying close to the house or in an enclosed area, even though those animals can get in to injure them keeping them away from exposed is a good recommendation,” said White.

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