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A pet charity auction sees amazing dog kennel designs by various architects

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If you are one of those dog owners that can’t help themselves but give their pup the absolute best – this BowWow Haus auction may catch your attention.  All kids of amazing designs and convoluted constructions by dog-loving architects and designers are going to be offered on an auctioned as an aid for the pet charity Blue Cross, as well as the US-based Outdoor Arts Foundation. To help you help you get a glimpse of the amazing dog kennel designs that will be offered at the auction, let’s check some of them out:

Here, Zaha Hadid Design has created a curvy cocoon from plywood with a retro-futuristic tone. Spark Architects’ design, on the other hand, also has a sci-fi form, but is not as high-tech – it is a dog kennel and it’s made out of 500 recycled plastic bottles.

For dog owners that love taking pictures of their pets and posting them on the pets’ own social media, here is a doghouse/photo booth by Studio Shaw that can also change its background to various exotic scenery.

Some other designs included clothes, instead! Here, you can see a miniature castle by the Florida artist Eileen Goldenberg – it has over 20,000 pieces of gold and silver jewellery from around the world.

Spark Architect’s design. Photograph: PR

In a completely different theme, Jane Perkins has created a folk shrine to St Roch – the patron saint of dogs. The shrine is inspired by the roadside shrines of southern Europe. The tiny temple is smothered with buttons, beads and other small objects. This Catholic saint is said to have survived the Black plague thanks to a dog that licked his wounds.

There are a ton of other beautiful and interesting kennels that can be found at the BowWow Haus’s auction.

Not everyone is ecstatic about it, however – one critic tweeted: “One in every 200 British people is homeless. But it’s ok – because Zaha Hadid Architects have made a bespoke dog kennel to raise money for a pet charity. A pet charity with assets of £60.7 million and an annual income £18.5 million.”

The BowWow Haus auction takes place on 26 April at the St Pancras Renaissance London Hotel.

Dogs Love Us More