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Amazing transformative journey of a dying dog

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Life of a dog living on the streets is like hell. Daily life for them is a struggle and keeping oneself safe from the heartless humans can be a bigger scuffle. This is the story of dog that was so weak and nutrient deprived that he couldn’t even stand on his legs. He was covered with painful sores in the entirety of her body with no hair on the skin at all. He had lost all hopes from life. Her skin was dry with cracks all over. She couldn’t even gather the strength to eat.

The almighty had something different planned for this poor soul who was noticed by few good hearted humans. Even trying to lift her up was a struggle given the fact that her sores caused her immense pain. Her body was deteriorated but her soul seemed defeated from the daily struggles of survival. She was just patiently waiting for the day to come when she would be relieved of her pain. Her soft cries showed that she had lost all hopes.

But the rescuers weren’t ready to give up on her. She was medicated for mange and that was the first time she took that bite of food to her mouth. A rainbow of hope shined across the face of her rescuers and the journey for her transformation began with whole lot of nutrition and healthy living conditions. She had a scrumptious meal after days that helped her forget the pains she was suffering from. After months of medicated bath and good food, she regained her confidence in life. The soul, who once lost faith in life and humanity, is happy again with her rescuers. Her journey of trauma and pain is now over and she finally found her angel in her rescuers.

This is how she looks right now!


Dogs Love Us More