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An old dog goes through hell but still loves life

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Leave it to dogs to teach us how to live and appreciate life. For example, meat June Squibb – she has been through all, and yet, she’s still full of life.

June Squibb quickly became a favorite at the Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue, as she showed that she’s a very special case.

This dog is a Maltese mix that once had an awesome, loving home. However, her owner fell terminally ill. If that wasn’t bad enough, their home also burned down. At that point, June’s owner needed to move into a facility. Unfortunately, pets weren’t allowed there and the two needed to separate. That’s when veterinarians stepped in and found a rescue for the 12-year-old Maltese mix to live in.

June’s troubles weren’t just external, however. She also had a lot of physical conditions, including hypothyroidism, Cushing’s disease, and Sialocele. The latter is a large pouch in the dog’s neck that fills with fluid and requires a serious surgery. All this didn’t stop the awesome folks at Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue from taking June Squibb in and taking care of her.

Rachel Eve Photography

June has had a ton of procedures since she was taken in the rescue, including having her salivary glands removed. Nevertheless, she was lucky enough to get a grant from the Grey Muzzle Organization and this ensured that she’ll get the attention and care she needed.

What’s most impressive in all this, however, is that even after all these nightmares that June had to go through, she still remained a lovable, social and lively animal.

Simply put, June Squibb is a perfect example for all of us – she’s a dog that has gone through hell but still loves life!

The volunteers at the rescue say that she is always happy to go for a walk, to play with anyone, or to enjoy some gentle petting.

June Squibb seems to know how to enjoy life even when there doesn’t seem to be much that can be enjoyed. She may be a senior lady, but she knows what she wants – a human family that would love her and take care of her, while she is showering them with her love, affection, and wise life lessons.

If you want more information on how to adopt June Squibb now, visit Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue’s website.

Dogs Love Us More