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Buena Vista, VA Cop Rescues Dog from a Burning Building

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Acts of heroism are always inspiring, but they can be even more so when they are done for our terrified buddies. And this is exactly what Officer Jacob Moore did when he sprang into action and gave us this story of “A Buena Vista cop rescues dog from a burning building!”

As the home of Zoey the dog was slowly engulfed in flames and her owner was looking for help, the police officer did what most people wish they would do in his place but few actually would. Even before the firefighters had arrived on the scene, Officer Jacob Moore rushed into the house. And it’s thanks to his policeman’s body camera that we could see images of the rescue.

The policeman entered the house from the front and saw one of the homeowners, Lovie Atkinson, standing in the kitchen. The room was quickly filling with smoke as the woman was still looking for her dog.

“She didn’t know what was truly going on,” the 28-year-old Moore said. It’s the woman’s cries for help that sprang him into action. “She was standing there screaming for her dog. She didn’t want to leave her dog. She was screaming, Zoey! Zoey! Zoey!”

Screenshot of Buena Vista Police Department body camera

As it turns out, however, the Virginia cop didn’t just save Zoey. Mrs. Atkinson’s husband was sleeping in the basement of their home while all this was going on. So Officer Moore rushed downstairs and got the husband out of the house in time.

He didn’t stop there, however, and stormed back in the burning house to look for Zoey.

Spooked, the dog had retreated to her bed in one of the bedrooms of the house. The room was quickly filling with smoke as well, but the panicked dog looked awfully happy when she saw her savior enter.

With all this in mind, it doesn’t come as a shock to find out that last year Moore was recognized as the department’s Officer of the Year. And that’s considering that he’s been a police officer for just two years!

It’s thanks to him that all members of the Atkinson family left the building alive and well before the firefighters came and extinguished the flames.

Dogs Love Us More