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Do Dogs Get Burns and Scalds?

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Indoor dogs are very vulnerable to burns and scalds. This is because they follow us around the house. And as such, they are likely to knock down pots containing hot stuff. At times the burns happen when the dog tries to bite into live electric cables. Burns are treated differently depending on what caused them.

This is because there are burns that result from coming into contact with dangerous chemicals while others are caused by electric shocks. By the rule of the thumb, you should never apply ointments, creams or gels on burns because they only worsen the condition.

Burns Caused by Hot Liquids

 You should immobilize the canine with a leash and then wash the wound with clean running water. The water should be cold to help in soothing the wound and prevent further skin damages. You should then put some ice cubes in a plastic bag or towel and place them directly on the wound.

Although it’s probably going to be necessary to wrap the wound with a bandage, you should use the type of bandage that doesn’t stick. This is because an ordinary bandage will stick on flesh and hair (of course) and will later cause a lot of pain when being removed. You should then seek medical help from a certified vet if the damage looks like more than a surface wound.

Burns Caused by Chemicals

If you realize that the burn was caused by coming into contact with some chemical compound, you should not touch the dog with your bare hands because you can also get burnt. It’s therefore advisable to wear protective gloves just to be on the safe side.

Once you have taken the necessary precaution, you should wash the wound with plenty of water for about 25 minutes. This helps in draining away any chemical residue that might still be present on the wound. You can actually add some detergent or shampoo into the water bath. You can conclude by covering the wound with a clean dry towel and dial your vet.

Electrical Burns

If you suspect the burn was caused by electricity, you should first switch the power off from the main switch. This is because you can also be electrocuted by touching the cables while they are still connected to the wall socket. You should control the canine by strapping it gently. You should wash the resulting wound with cold water. It’s actually recommended that you put some ice on the wound and apply gentle pressure. The wound can then be covered with non-stick bandage as you wait for the vet on call to arrive at the scene.

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