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A hero German Sheppard protects 16-year-old during home invasion and survives shots and surgery

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A hero German Sheppard protects 16-year-old during home invasion and survives shots and surgery

A lot of people train their dogs to be guard dogs, but few dogs can do a better job than Rex – the hero German Sheppard who saved his home and 16 year old owner from burglars.

On the February 21, Javier Mercado was alone with his dog at home outside Seattle when he heard strangers banging on and braking the glass door.

“I heard it shatter and that’s when I dialed 911 and went into the closet,” Javier said. Rex, on the other hand, did what felt right.

“My dog sprinted downstairs and started barking really loud, and I could hear everything,” Javier explained. “I could hear them getting closer and closer through the creak in the floor. Then one of the guys screamed, ‘Get the dog, the dog bit me, the dog bit me!’ Then I heard one gun shot, then several after that. My dog cries after each shot. It’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen.”

The burglars were successfully chased away by the wounded hero. The police reached Javier and rushed Rex to an animal hospital, with three gunshot wounds.

“You know they didn’t hesitate shooting Rex and hold back on anything,” Javier said. “If Rex wasn’t there, they would have opened that door and they would have saw me in there.”

“Rex. He’s an angel. He’s my four legs angel that we had at our house,” Julia said.

“I just want to thank my dog,” Javier said. “If it wasn’t for him, I don’t feel like I’d be standing here right now.”

4 days later, Rex was released from the animal hospital after an extensive surgery. He is alive and well, and is recovering from the wounds.

“He’s walking fine. He’s just very excited. He’s trying to lead the pack, trying to get in front of everyone. He doesn’t want no one in front of him,” said the happy Javier when interviewed by journalists on Sunday.

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