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My Dog Has Diarrhea

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Dogs can get diarrhea for lots of reasons, the most common being directly related to a gastrointestinal problem. Some cases are more severe than others, and there are symptoms you should observe to keep your dog safe. Diarrhea that is persistent and not getting better for your pup, even with remedies for a dog with an upset stomach, could indicate an underlying problem. Diarrhea that is easily combated by a change in dog food, or diet could be exposing an allergy or intolerance to some ingredient. Finding out the real cause of your dog’s diarrhea can be carried out by the veterinarian, and reveal common health issues that dogs go through.

Diarrhea is almost always caused by an invasion of harmful food or bacteria, ingested by your dog. If your pup recently went dumpster diving or ate a friend’s bowl of dog food, it can explain the stomach issues. Though, parasitic and bacterial invasions can easily cause a severe case of runs. Many times puppies will experience these problems from birth, either parasites are passed on from the mother, or their bodies become exposed to harmful bacteria and are unable to fight it off due to their age.

If your dog keeps having loose bowels and a loss of appetite, try making them a bowl of steamed chicken and white rice. This natural remedy has been proven to help ease the stomach and thicken the bowels to regular consistency. Make sure your dog drinks plenty of water, you can even add Pedialyte or chicken broth to the bowl to replace those nutrients that keep escaping their body. If your dog cannot keep any food or liquids down, get them professional help as soon as possible; take your dog to the vet immediately if they begin showing signs of dehydration and exhaustion.

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