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How to Lessen Your Dog’s Shedding

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Most dogs shed a reasonable amount of fur, and there is no way to stop the shedding. Though, there are many things you can do to prevent excessive shedding, and keep your dog’s fur healthy. Persistent shedding can usually be combated with a good wash every few weeks to every month, or a good brushing once or twice a week. If your dog has just developed a shedding problem, there could be irritants or health issues contributing to their shedding bout.

As long as you bathe your dog regularly (once or twice a month) and brush them routinely (once or twice) a week, shedding should be very minimal and not be a persistent issue. Changes in your dog’s coat usually happens twice a year, for the change in seasons. Your dog will likely develop a thicker coat as we approach cold weather, while once it begins to warm up in the Spring, they will shed that undercoat to get ready for the summer. The change in seasons is inevitable, but staying on top of your dog’s grooming maintenance makes the transition easier.

For a dog that has always had mild shedding that has gone to excessive shedding could be hiding an underlying issue. Parasites or bacterial infections can all present shedding problems, and can quickly get addressed with medications and treatment. Big patches of fur missing with exposed skin could indicate more severe problems like sunburn, immune disease, or cancer. Sunburns can easily be prevented by dressing your dog in sunscreen before great adventures outdoors, and this will help combat the lasting effects a sunburn has on their skin and fur texture. Diseases related to the immune system or cancer are presented through hair loss and should be taken very seriously. Any indication of a disease may also show loss of appetite, drowsiness, loss of energy and “just not acting like themselves.” Always seek out a professional when your dog’s health is at risk.


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