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Podenco: An ancient hunter

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A podenco dog is a magnificent specimen whose active and lively temperament make it a hunter par excellence. His intelligence makes it a challenge for coaches and owners, who must dedicate great attention and love, to make their full potential flourish 100%.

Its features similar to those of a jackal, have similarity to the sculptures dedicated to the god Anubis, God of death and the kingdom of the dead, suggesting that the origin of the Podenco predates this millenary culture, so it’s commonly classified within primitive dogs breeds.

This long process of evolution has enabled the Podenco to sharpen his senses to the maximum, optimizing his sense of smell, vision, and agility, a characteristic he shares with races like the Greyhound, whose slender figure resembles that of the podenco.

Nevertheless, some studies indicate that it could have a more direct relation withthe European hunting races than with old Pharaonic gods. What’s certain is that his ancestors arrived to Europe through the island of Malta in Phoenician boats.

Breeding primarily as a hunter, there are several species of the Podenco breed, but in general, they retain a height of between 50 cm-56 cm, with a short coat which color varies presenting red coat, white, or a combination.

His keen sense of hearing is only surpassed by his visual capacity. Its almond-shaped eyes are close enough to give it a binocular perspective, perfect for detecting movements in the distance.

Being as agile as rabbits, wild boars and birds that they’re prepared to hunt, Podenco requires a high level of physical activity, prefers open spaces and companionship, a pack that gives them that sense of security and home. In fact, they respond very well to the leadership of their coach/owner and with enough positive reinforcement, you will find the bravest teammate.

Dogs Love Us More