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Is there something wrong with your dog’s snoring?

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Seeing my dogs sleeping always give me peace and happiness. They look happy while resting and I know they feel loved and calm, also they are not making a mess. sometimes I can see them dreaming and by the movement of their legs, practically you can intuit that they dream of chasing something in the park, perhaps a ball. Sometimes, especially when they sleep on their backs, they emit small snoring/sighs and that is enough to produce love and laughter at the same time.

However, just as in humans, not all snoring means the same thing. Some dog breeds will inevitably snore because of their anatomy. Flat snout dogs, like bull dogs boxers or pugs, are prone to snoring due to the way their respiratory passages are little shorter than other breeds that don’t have this particular feature.

If this isn’t the case, and even so, if your pet’s snoring could compete with a broken tractor or washer, it’s important to discard the following possibilities with the help of  a veterinarian:

1. Allergies: Pollen, dust, cleaning products and other penetrating odors (paint for example) can be the cause of a respiratory allergy and induce nocturnal snoring.
2. Obesity: Same as humans, when an excess weight compress the rib cage and we don’t provide the necessary amount of exercise to our pet,  there’s a respiratory difficulty that causes these sounds, warning of major problems that must be taken care of as soon as possible. Established limits to a number of treats and make changes in the dietary routine of the little pamper, remember that it’s for its health.
3. Aspergillosis: Due to fungal infection, which can affect both humans and dogs, the inhalation of mold or hay can lead to airway obstruction due to the irritation caused by the contamination.
4. A common cold: The typical respiratory infection caused by a virus among dogs, since it is not transmissible between species, but the symptoms are similar: runny noses, sneezing, and obviously snoring.
5. Other causes: Also mite infections, physical obstruction and reactions to cigar smoke can cause dog Snoring. Please check your dog if you think any of these possibilities may be the factor that’s affecting him.

Dogs Love Us More