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How, and why, to Sleep with your dog

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I plead guilty to all charges: I sleep with my two dogs. Those of us who sleep with our pets know firsthand that the rhythmic pace of their breaths is possibly the best “sleeping pill” in the market. We also eventually found out how painful a tick bite is, but trust me aside from that particular occasional episode, I wouldn’t change it for anything.

However, there are some more appropriate ways to sleeping with your pet while maintaining balance and leadership in the relationship, as well as conditions that allow sleeping together without disturbing your sleep or health.

1. Prevent Allergies: Although a person with a long history of allergies hardly has pets, it’s possible to develop allergies by over-exposure of our furry friends mute. To avoid it, it is vital to bathe them once a month and comb them weekly to remove the fallen strands. This will also improve the bond of affection and will make his coat healthier and brighter.

2. Stress reliever: For insomniac stressful days, there’s nothing more relaxing than snuggling with your pet, a known reliever of the hormone oxytocin that regulates confidence, as it helps to achieve states of relaxation that allow sleep to be reconciled easily. In addition, the sense of security and closeness provided can be really comforting after one of those “stop the world I want to get off” days. It’ll also help strengthen the trust bond between your both. Finally, as you may have noticed, it makes them enormously happy.

3. Winter is here: during a snowing season, it’s not only unbearable the idea of having your dog away feeling cold, trembling with his nose freezing … Also,  when the nights are colder the love of your pet gets literally warmer than an electric blanket. Their body temperature is typically several degrees higher than human body temperature. Hence, embracing them is even better than usual (like that’s possible, pfff).

4. Do not disturb: However, it is important to maintain a sleep routine that guarantees you the rest necessary in order to maintain a good health, so there’s gotta be clear conditions in bed-sharing. Undoubtedly your dog will always wake you up to have his first meal, that’s non-negotiable, but beyond that, respect for your sleep hours should be reinforced. Set boundaries in a kind but firm way so that, in the long run, sleeping together continues to be enjoyable for both.

5. Two’s company, but three’s a crowd: Maintaining intimacy with your partner intact is critical to procure a healthy relationship. Like couples who sleep with their human children: limits must be set. The dog should be able to understand sometimes he won’t share the bed with you and that doesn’t mean loveless. In the same note, being able to create an atmosphere of exclusivity between you and your partner will help to sustain a  passionate relation.

Dogs Love Us More