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Great Medium-Sized Family Dogs

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Finding a dog for the family can be a difficult task, and there are many things to take into consideration. Kids, house or apartment, and the amount of time you have to take care of a puppy will determine which breed is best for you.  A medium-sized dog is big enough so that you don’t step on them, and generally, know where they are at most times.  A dog too large can run you and your family out of the home, taking up a lot of room and needing constant exercise to release pent up energy. There are plenty of great, medium-sized family dogs from different breeds, here are a few.

The Labrador Retriever is the household name of dog breeds, and that is because they are truly a great family dog. This loyal, energetic, friendly breed make devoted companions, and usually don’t get larger than 85 lbs. Labradors are intelligent animals, being easy to train and require little supervision around others.

Boxers are a very energetic dog, making perfect play partners with children. They need lots of activity and consistent training to discipline their wild behavior. Boxers are closer to large, being very tall and having an athletic build. Boxers typically do not weigh more than 85 pounds And are relatively easy to take care of as far as grooming and housetraining.

Cocker Spaniels were originally bred for the sport, usually weighing no more than 60 pounds they have lots of energy and are brilliant, joyful dogs. They are outgoing towards other animals and children, with loyal devotion to their owners this dog fits right in with the family.

Great dogs come in all sizes, finding a dog that fits in with your family is essential to everyone’s peace and happiness. Spend some time with different dogs beforehand, if possible to figure out what works best for you all.


Dogs Love Us More