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Dogs in art: a Brief and Woofing Gallery

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Art, as an expression of feelings, has existed in the history of mankind since the beginning of time, also the relationship between dogs and men has an ancestral origin. For this reason, it’s not uncommon for dogs, being an important part of the life of great artists, to be part of many of his works.

In this article, we want to show you a compilation of iconic works of art in which one of these 4 legged companions appears.

Blue Dog by Andy Warhol
Originally a Cat-Lover, came to live with 25 of them, this pop-artist fell in love with “Archi” a sausage dog that he immortalized in the painting “Blue Dog”.

Inflatable Dog by Jeff Koons
Artistic creations include the way in which we can perform illusions with materials that, at first glance, we would find impossible to achieve. Jeff Koons in “Inflatable Dog” worked with steel, for more than six years, in such a way that manage to provide the illusion of being a smooth surface of a balloon. This sculpture reached breaking sales records worldwide. Not bad, eh?

Dog lying in the Snow by Franz Marc
Within the artistic movement known as Expressionism, Franz Marc, avant-garde German painter, stood out as one of the key figures in the development of this current at the dawn of the twentieth century. One of his best-known works, shows his faithful companion resting placidly on the snow, however his dog was part of several of his works.

Frida and her Xoloitzcuintle
In  Mexican art, possibly the name of Frida Kahlo surpasses that of many other artists. His Naive-Folk style crudely portrayed the intense realities of his life, always finding a space to exhibit his passions, his fears and also his loves. Her Xolocuintle, a hairless dog native to Mexico, accompanies her in this self-portrait.

Charles Burton
Known for numerous portraits of children with their pets, painted in the 19th century London. This painter graduated from the Royal Academy of Arts, worked for aristocratic families who considered him the best painter to capture the tenderness of their children, and their pets.

Dogs Love Us More