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German Shepperd: a Playful and Loyal Server

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German Shepperd: a Playful and loyal server
Of imposing presence and magnificent figure, German shepherds belong to one of the most numerous and respected breeds worldwide. Enthusiastic, obedient and elegant, the breed has just over 100 years of being introduced.

Its German origins come from a breeding program led by the end of the 19th-century by the German Cavalry Captain, Max Von Stephanitz to protect the local sheep herds from the numerous wolf attacks. She used long-haired shear dogs, short hair and hard hair from Wurtenberg,

To obtain a strong and loyal guardian, they used long-haired shear dogs, short hair and hard hair from Wurtenberg, Thuringia, and Bavaria.  German shepherds, though,  have demonstrated so many skills and work attitudes that they are greatly recognized as guardian dogs, guide dogs, rescue animal, police dog and many others.

This large breed is particularly intelligent and agile. His coat shows mainly two tones: tan and black, requires a peculiarly active lifestyle and is capable of the highest obedience. Its nobility makes it the ideal companion for single women, couples with an active lifestyle and full houses with children and younger playmates.

Of course, the German Shepherd is an excellent guardian for toddlers, but his energy and vivacity can overwhelm the baby’s first steps. In any case, if you already have a German Shepherd and there’s a baby on the way, nothing that a little education and discipline cannot solve for the arrival of a new member of the family. I assure you, their learning scale is among the highest in the canine world.

Tips: Don’t forget to brush his fur at least twice a week. Their coat has two layers and is prone to develop skin diseases when they don’t receive the care and affection they deserve. Remember that all the love you give a dog, he will return it with more.

Dogs Love Us More