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Moving Out? How to keep your dog smiling

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Moving Out? How to keep your dog smiling

Along with mourning, career changes, and divorce, moving out is one of the most stressful moments in human life. Adapting to change, new social circles, leaving behind routines and friendships can lead to a period of disorientation accompanied by some level of anxiety.

If this happens to us, the ones who, in the first instance made the decision to move, what happens to our dogs? Stay with us and discover how this changes can affect our pets and what to do to make this an easier process for them.

Moving out: What’s left behind?

migrate with us. It’s important to make them part of the process and to allow them to participate in the preparations: packing, for example, little by little their things and making them feel part of the process.

– When you arrive at a new home it is important to resume puppy training because at first, he can get a little disoriented: Restart poopy training if necessary, accompany him to familiarize with his new surroundings and, above all, help him recognize the new neighborhood, streets and the new home Which, at least until you all have settled,  he may not recognize.

-Before you move in, allow him to become familiar with his kennel, if it’s not part of his current routine, so that when it reaches the new home, he’ll be able to find a calmer place to release some anxiety by taking refuge in a familiar place, a spot that makes him feel at home.

-Even if your new home has an adorable dog house with windows, bed and interior lights, bringing his old personal belongings will provide him some peace of mind when discovering them in the new place.

– Changes in the routine contribute to dog anxiety, try to keep certain patterns as much as possible: meal hours, walking, toys and, of course, the love you give them. As we pointed out before, it is true that moving can be very stressful for you but don’t lose sight of the fact that there’s no better cure for it than sharing with your best friend, he will thank you too.

– If you notice changes in your dog: Laziness, lack of appetite, complaints, excessive sleep, he might be presenting a case of anxiety. The best cure for this is: Meeting new friends in the park, enjoy an extensive session of ball fetching, running,  help him drain all that anxiety energy and clear both of your minds. In addition, all the emotions of exercise will increase his happiness by tightening the bond between you.

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