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4 risk factors to consider in a Dog-Friendly Beach

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4 risk factors to consider in a Dog-Friendly Beach

Once you arrive onto a dog-friendly beach, here’s a list of care advice and requirements that should be part of your checklist to ensure that your pet enjoys the beach as much as you do. Like humans, dogs are sensitive to certain factors: sun exposure, dehydration, depletion, hazardous materials, etcétera.

Sunburn: Beyond carrying an umbrella and placing a towel so that he rest away from the sun, remember dogs have very sensitive paws, wich can also suffer due to hot sands. In addition to avoiding exposure during peak hours of sunlight, training him in the use of sneakers can be of great benefit.

Also, there are special sunscreens for dogs, that can be purchased over-the-counter at your favorite pet store. These formulations allow him to stay for a longer period of time without risk of sunburn.

White fur dogs deserve special attention, as they are usually Fair Skin under the coat. Also thin hair dogs and hairless dogs, for obvious reasons, ar prone to sun damage and skin cancer, so you can consider putting them a shirt. Either way, every dog breed has skin exposed areas (nose,

Either way, every dog breed has skin exposed areas (nose, ears, and tummy) that need extra care during a day at the beach.

Sea Water: Sea water has excellent healing powers for the spirit, mind and even the body due to its iodine concentrations. However, removing salt water is part of the mandatory routine when the trip ends.

 Give them a bath with fresh water to our dogs, helps to remove salt water from the coat, as it can dry their skin, reduce its hair brightness and even cause skin infections if we don’t take appropriate measures.

On the other hand,  avoid at all costs the ingest of sea water as it will cause him vomiting and gastric problems. Keep his bowl served with cold water at all times. We must also ensure that no water enters its ears and, if so, perform cleaning with sterile serum so that water bacteria can’t proliferate in its ear canal.

Sharp objects: Unfortunately, environmental pollution has caused hundreds of beautiful beaches to be closed down. Even on open beaches you may sometimes find wastes from previous visitors that could be dangerous for you and your family.

In addition to glass pieces, cigarettes or plastic scraps, the sea shells themselves are particularly sharp and dangerous once they entered our pet’s digestive system. Be patient and take care of all these new elements that, either by its smell or its brightness, can get his attention.

Hidration: Finally, although we mentioned it previously, we can’t fail to point out the importance of giving your dog the amount of fresh water needed to help him regulate his temperature. Offering him refills constantly, will reduce the chances of overheating, a mortal risk. Stay alert to symptoms such as dizziness, vomiting or loss of balance as they are indicators of overheating.

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