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Do Dogs Sneeze?

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If you have ever heard your dog make weird hacking noises or something that resembles a cough or sneeze, it’s likely either one. Your dog may sneeze because of some irritation in the air or seasonal allergies. Dogs can have an allergic reaction to food and even laundry detergent, and their skin can be just as sensitive as ours.

If your dog has a weird reaction to laundry detergent or maybe a shampoo you used, it’s best to make sure by sampling just a patch of fur to determine the source. If the symptoms last longer than a week or two, check in with the vet to see if there is an underlying health problem. Sometimes dogs get parasitic invasions on the skin by mites, and these must be treated professionally. Certain breeds are prone to specific allergies and skin diseases like mange, dermatitis, and scabies. Skin conditions are treatable and curable, though there can be a constant recurrence once effected. Medications can prevent your dog from contracting the parasite as often and keep irritation and skin lesions from cracking the skin.

Sneezing is something dogs do from time to time to clean out their nostrils, which is a healthy function of the immune system to do for the body. Without removing the harmful bacterias and allergens from the nose, your dog would be sick more often and have incredible discomfort. As a precaution, pay close attention to excessive sneezing and gooey eyes and nose, which could mean a cold or flu. Taking care of your dog’s health is similar to yours, though they probably get sick less than we do. So if you see your dog is not acting like themselves and have prolonging symptoms with lots of discomforts, always see your vet so they can accurately diagnose them.

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