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My Dog Scratches Constantly

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If your dog is constantly scratching and there are no flea or tick infestations, they may have a skin condition or severe allergies. Even anxiety has been a source of dog’s weird behavior, which can manifest in excessive scratching or licking. If you see any open wounds, red patches of skin, bleeding, or pus, immediately treat your dog.

Scratching in dogs is common, sometimes it’s just an itch and other times it can be a more serious problem. Skin problems like dermatitis, mange, or flea and tick infestations can cause itching and scratching. Typically, behind the ears, in the folds of skin between legs, or around the neck is where these problems present themselves. Red patches of skin, wounds that resemble cuts, are swollen, have fluid in them, and hold fever are all signs of some skin condition. If the scratching is persistent only after washes or a change of sheets, it could be the detergent that is affecting your dog. Skin conditions caused by parasitic invasions are long-lasting and don’t go away with time.

Allergies is also a common cause of scratching; your dog may lick and scratch a particular spot repeatedly. Pollen, mold or even food can affect your dog’s skin and fur creating a terrible rash. Be careful when you let your dog try a new food, and monitor their symptoms within 24 hours of consumption; hard breathing, choking, or coughing, can all be a severe, life-threatening reaction. If there is fluid draining from your dog’s wound or white, fleshy meat exposed your dog will need it cleaned and bandaged to prevent them from licking their wounds. Despite the belief that when a dog licks themselves, it’s to clean, when they lick a wound, it keeps it wet which keeps the wound irritable, inflamed, and can lead to infection.

Keeping your dog clean, keeping their diet consistent and seeing a vet regularly can prevent a lot of skin problems and help your pup stay healthy.

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