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How Do I Get Rid of Fleas?

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Fleas are at a high this season, with having a warmer winter than usual. Insect larvae and eggs were not able to die out at the same rate and as a result more fleas and ticks! Getting rid of them can be a pain; thorough cleaning and disinfecting is the only way to keep fleas off of your pet and out of your home. There are chemical solutions you can buy just about anywhere, and there are household items you can use to get rid of flea infestation, as well.

Citronella oil has been used to repel insects throughout history; this oil contains a natural repellent against fleas, ticks, mosquitos, and ants. You can mix this with warm water and lemon juice for a simple cleaning solution to mop floors and clean baseboards. Citronella has a natural, clean, refreshing scent and lemon juice acts a sanitizer.

Apple cider vinegar is notably used for its healing properties like probiotics, enzymes, and acetic acid. It naturally repels fleas and even works as a refresher for your dog’s skin and fur. To fight off fleas, mix apple cider vinegar with warm water and eucalyptus oil to fight off fleas and give your dog a sweet, fresh smell.

Salt helps kill flea larvae and eggs hidden in the carpet, it also attaches to the insect itself and slowly kills the flea as it moves. Salt acts as a deteriorate against the fleas fragile body and soaks up moisture, which dries out ticks as well! Sprinkling salt in your carpet and leaving it for a few days helps catch fleas; adding baking soda to the salt helps clean the carpet, as well.

Keep your carpet vacuumed, and bags changed after each use while fleas are in the home and on your pet. Using any of the natural remedies will keep your home and pets safe. Keep your pet clean and always use a repellant before going outside.

Dogs Love Us More