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Grooming Your Dog at Home

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Grooming Your Dog at Home

A well groomed dog looks beautiful. But most dog owners prefer to take their dogs to a groomer. If you are that kind of a master, it means that you have not trained your dog to trust you. Playing with a dirty dog or a canine whose fur is shedding is not fun. The experience will leave you smelling like trash. And that’s all. You will have to clean your house with a vacuum machine on a daily basis. This is because the fur can’t be swept away with a broom. On the other hand, grooming your dog at home will help you save money. Below are some tips that can help you in learning how to successfully brush your canine’s fur and bathe him at the comfort of your home.

Brushing and Bathing

You can brush your dog’s fur a few times in a week but you can’t bathe him as often as you would want. Bathing him many times might cause him to get a cold and that will later cost you money in terms of treatment. Brushing on the other hand is highly recommended because it doesn’t expose the dog to colds. As a matter of fact, brushing is easier and requires just a couple of minutes to finish.

Even if you have to bathe the dog, it’s advisable to first brush him. Combing through his fur helps in removing most of the dirt. Before you get started with brushing, you should ensure that the dog is standing or seated but not lying on the ground. This will enable you to reach a wider area without any difficulty, from head to tail.

It’s also recommended that you use a brush that has thin bristles. Such a brush will penetrate deep into the fur as opposed to a brush with thick bristles. When bathing the dog, you should only use lukewarm water. Hot or cold water usually comes with negative consequences such as burns and colds.

Shaving Dogs Hair

When it comes to shaving your dog’s hair, you have the option of using either scissors or an electric shaver. Regardless of your choice, you have to be careful when using these tools because a slight mistake can result in an injury. Scissors are cumbersome but they surely come in handy for dog owners that reside in off grid areas. It’s also important to shave your dog in a noise free environment. You should also restrain the animal with a leash because you can’t shave him when he is moving around the house.

Shaving should start from head to tail and then from neck to the thighs. You might also consider shaving overgrown hair around the ears and the forehead. You can actually keep the dog occupied by giving him a treat as you get down to your business. All along, you should make sure you can see where you are shaving to avoid injuring the dog. Just remember that he may not remain still next time if injure him on the first day.

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