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Properly Removing Ticks From Your Dog

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Removing ticks from your dog is a much simpler process than you think. Many have used different methods, like burning the tick off, using tweezers, or ripping them off by hand. The most efficient method is using a pair of regular tweezers or special tick tweezers. Before you remove the tick, examine your pet thoroughly for ticks on the body, look behind ears, in folds of skin, and in between the paws. Ticks can be so small, not seen by the eye or as big as your fingertip. Dogs with thicker and longer hair make it harder to see ticks.

Once you have examined your pup, get in a well-lighted area and keep alcohol nearby to clean off the area and your tools. Keep your dog between your legs, secure and make sure when you’re ready to pull the tick it’s a fast, deliberate movement so that you remove it entirely. Grasp the tick with your tweezers, careful not to squeeze too hard which can release harmful bacteria and toxins that can infect the bite wound. Pulling the bug in a hard, straight motion will remove the tick’s crab-like pincers and clasps out of the dog’s skin. Removing all of the insects also protects the wound from infection and keeps your dog from being in pain or having irritation.

Removing ticks from your dog during hot, summer months should be a weekly if not, daily practice. Always pay attention their coat, any tufts or shedding can be a sign of a skin condition or parasitic infestation. Ticks can carry harmful diseases; remove them between 3 and 6 hours of contact helps prevent those diseases from infecting your dog. Burning ticks off your dog can be more trouble than it’s worth and using your hands is unsanitary and less efficient. Using proper technique when handling tweezers should get the ticks off entirely. Spraying before going outside and before coming back in will help prevent a constant problem.

Dogs Love Us More