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Giving Your Dog Raw Meat

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Giving your dog raw meat is a practice that many owners use for competition and sled dogs. There are many health benefits to a raw diet for your dog, as are there risks. Proper cleaning and distribution of raw meat to your animal is the safest way to continue this diet.

There are many assumptions that raw meat will turn your dog into an aggressor, or forfeit their domestication. Fresh meat consumption is not harmful to a dog’s behavior but is potentially detrimental to their health. Raw meat alone is not going to give your dog the nutrients they need. Raw meat alongside vegetables, grains, and certain fruits helps your dog stay in shape and keeps their hormones balanced. A well-balanced diet protects your dog’s coat, bones, teeth, and internal organs. With raw meat alone, your dog doesn’t receive enough calcium or healthy fats to sustain their body.

Raw meats that your dog can eat safely are chicken, beef, or lamb. Lean meats and fresh vegetables mixed with them will provide a great base to their diet and help keep them active and full of energy. Raw vegetables like carrots, kale, spinach, celery, and broccoli are all great options to give your pet. Your dog may not like the taste of some of these vegetables, so serving them separate from the meat may not work.

Mixing all of the vegetables in with raw ground beef with a sprinkle of parsley or a scoop of coconut oil is an awesome deterrent from the taste. Coconut oil has many other health benefits to the coat, teeth, and digestive system. Parsley is good for bad breath, the digestive system, and your dogs’ joints. There are great protein benefits to your dog eating raw meat and the way their bodies process food becomes easier than it is to consume commercial foods.

Giving your dog raw meat should not be a quick transition, and should be done over a few days time. Expect your dog’s stomach to be upset or miserable detox side effects, along with dehydration when introducing the new food. Keep your dog hydrated and fed no matter what, and never mix the raw food with commercial dry dog food, as it counteracts the new diet and confuses the body.

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