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Does my dog enjoy watching TV?

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The hearing ability of dogs is legendary. We know they have anticipated our arrival even when we’re a couple of blocks away… But, can they watch TV like us? The answer is yes and, at the same time, no.

The vision of dogs is even more sensitive to light than humans, however, their perception of colors is different, much less varied making them difficult to observe the same type of content we see, but at the same time, they can observe images and identify them faster than we do.

They come to differentiate shapes and can actually distinguish if the screen shows another dog, particularly if the image is accompanied by barking. For them what the screen shows is a blurred form of what you can see, since they only perceive two primary colors: blue and yellow.

Prime Time

In fact, according to Nicholas Dodman, a veterinary behaviorist at Tufts University, dogs develop tastes about programs they find interesting, but they tend to get bored soon to stay in front of regular TV. In fact, a German company developed an HD TV channel with programming designed especially for dogs and images that fit their visual capacity.

The German Channel “Dog TV” shows nature content such as stream sounds, birds other dogs and crickets, with enough quantity of frames per second to be dog appropriate, since Dogs manage to see up to 70 images per second while we only accomplished 20 frames Per second.

Doctor Clive Wynne, a psychology professor and director of Arizona State University’s Canine Science Collaboratory, says it’s possible that some images can draw dogs into TV since “A dog’s brain has circuits that fire when they see a galloping motion of another animal across the screen. Their brains are patented to respond to it. Although I strongly suspect a dog does not know whether or not he is looking at another dog. ”

Whether your dog is someone who loves to spend hours by your side “watching TV” or is simply the one that stays right next to you to keep you company, I’m sure you will enjoy the following video:


Dogs Love Us More