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6 love methods to train your dog

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Disciplining our dog is one of the most difficult things we have to do. Their eyes react with such sadness to our frustration that, although isn’t shame what they really feel, we end up grieving to get angry at them in the first place… at least that’s what happens to me.

However, discipline is vital for domestic dogs. While in wild packs dogs are only instinctively driven, domestic dogs must follow rules in order to be able to live indoors: without causing problems, without developing behavior problems, and most important, without suffering any injuries.

Following the next steps, you’ll be able to improve the relationship of  leadership and obedience with your dog:

1. The first step is to understand that Dogs learn through conditioning. That means aversion and attraction: When a behavior gets them good results, they will repeat it, when a behaviors get them bad results, they will reject it.
2. Punish is different from discipline: Hitting or beating your dog, will only teach him to fear humans or, in worst case scenario, to normalize aggression as a form of connecting with his love figure. It only teaches them to connect with others from violence and that’s not only illegal but useless. Teach good manners to your dog is different from exercising power over him.
3. “Leading your dog” through positive reinforcements is more fun and less frustrating for both of you, in addition to achieving more reliable, long-lasting and fast results. Not to mention that it’s the most appropriate, and intelligent, way to educate and form a lasting bond of love with our best friend.
4. Use maneuvers such as distraction, catching his attention with a loud yell or a shake by taking him by the fur on his neck will alert him that the behavior isn’t permitted.
5. Isolation: Neglecting the habitual attention the puppy receives will teach him to reject the behavior since, being such a sociable animal, he will yearn for you to show affection again. No games or petting, sending him to his kennel will also do the job.
6. Use other commands: If you have reinforced “SIT” enough, make it stop or refrain from further misbehaving, using the command “SIT”, can be quite useful.

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Dogs Love Us More