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Why You should Add Oats into Dog Meals

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The nutritional benefits of oats in your dogs diet shouldn’t be trivialized. As a matter of fact, oats are very good in keeping the skin nourished and hair bright and healthy. It’s very beneficial to mix oats into your pets food because without this effort they may never or rarely ever get them in their diet!  In fact these benefits are why you see them used as an active ingredient in shampoos and other cosmetic products.

Rich Source of Proteins

If you mix dog food with oats, a dog can go for many days without eating meat. This is due to the fact that oats are rich in proteins. As a matter of fact, their protein levels match those found in eggs, milk and soy. The other advantage is that they come with low levels of cholesterol. Besides that, they contain fiber that easily dissolves into fluids. The fiber helps in keeping food cravings at bay because the dog will feel full most of the time.

Remedies Constipation

A dog that indulges in foods that contain oats will rarely suffer from constipation. Constipation happens when the digestive system is unable to grind food efficiently. Since oats are rich in fiber, they help in aiding digestion in the stomach and intestines. Additionally if your dog is recovering from an injury, it’s recommended that you include oats into his diet. This is because oats have the ability to sooth nerves that have been injured. It’s like placing ice on top of a wound.

How to Use Oats

There are various ways of using oats. When shopping for dog shampoos, you should narrow down your focus to brands that contain oats as an active ingredient. Such shampoos are better than the rest because they help in treating the skin and soothing the nerves. Moreover, they help in remedying inflammation and itchy skin.

If you are a do it yourself’er you can make an oats shampoo easily it at home by dissolving oatmeal into water. You can also use oats to nurse injuries for the reason described above; grind the oats into powder then put them in a water bath. The moist oats should be filtered and packed into cheese cloth and placed on swollen or irritated body parts.

Dogs Love Us More