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Dog Disaster Evacuation Tips

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Disasters happen without issuing a warning. And there is no way of stopping them because they are caused by mother nature. Most dog owners already know what to do in case a disaster happens. But very few include their dogs in their safety measures. Your dog is part and parcel of your family. It’s therefore important to plan how you can rescue him to safety in the midst of a disaster. Below are some tips that can be used as a guideline during natural calamities.

Invest in Portable Dog Emergency Kit

Disasters such as earthquakes and invasions happen so fast that you don’t have time to pick the things that are constantly required by your dog. You will therefore have an edge when you buy a portable dog emergency kit in advance. As a matter of fact, you may not have access to any department store in the midst of a calamity. The emergency kit should be caged in a waterproof housing to prevent it from being damaged by rain water.

The kit should come packed with dog food that can last more than a week. Other items included in the package are bottled water, leash and harness and the dog’s medical records. The kit should be examined every year so that expired supplies can be replaced with fresh ones. This is because it’s disappointing to have an emergency kit that has expired drugs and food supplies.

Review the Dog’s Identification

It’s important to review your dog’s identification details every year. When a dog goes missing, it’s identified by the owner’s address and phone number. If you have moved from one area to another in the recent past or have switched to a new phone line, it’s advisable to include the new address and phone number in your dog’s collar. This makes it easier for the dog to be re-united with you in case it gets lost. It’s also important to take a picture of your dog. This picture can be used announce the disappearance of your dog on public notice boards.

Find Dog Friendly Accommodation

Most hotels and guest houses do not allow dogs into their facilities. It’s therefore advisable you do your homework on hotels that allow dogs before the disaster strikes. That way, you will have peace of mind because you and your dog have a guaranteed place to lay your heads. You can also make arrangements to seek refuge in your neighbors’ residences. This is because you assume that they live in a different neighborhood that’s not likely to be affected by the disaster.


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